MJMA Hall Of Fame

(UPDATED 03/07/2019): Here you will find listed the names of individuals who won each tournament dating back to MJMA's inception. Both attached documents approach this differently.

  • Title Holders: Lists each bowler by name in order of the number of tournaments they've (ever) won, starting with those possessing the highest number of wins.
  • Tournament Winners: Lists each individual event chronologically, with the location of the event followed by the name of each bowler winning the boys/girls division.
Ottman Championship Tournament Winners (as of 08/27/2018)39.32 KB
MJMA Tournament Winners (as of 08/27/2018)66.91 KB
MJMA U15 Tournament Winners (as of 08/27/2018)8.01 KB
MJMA Title Holders (as of 02/10/2019)29.92 KB