March 16-17, 2019 (Flint, MI)

  • UPDATES: Participant Roster (as of 3/14/2019).
  • HOST: Mr. James Teuber, Richfield Bowl.
  • EVENT START TIME: 03/16/2019 @ 10:00am.
  • TOURNAMENT FIELD: Limited to (the first) 144 entries.
  • JUNIOR GOLD: This WILL be a "Junior Gold" qualifying event. The highest place finisher at the end of the event, who is a Junior Gold Member (Male and Female) who has not received a spot in the National Finals AND MUST BE A MJMA MEMBER, will receive a paid entry into the 2019 event.
  • DEADLINE: Entries limited to MJMA members-only until 03/09/2019; if the tournament does not fill with members by the deadline date, it will be open to any bowler.
  • REGISTER ONLINE: To register and pay for this event online, click HERE to learn more.

REGISTRATION ::: Flint (03/16/2019)27.3 KB
ROSTER ::: Flint (as of 3/14/2019)327.32 KB