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The Michigan Junior Masters Association visited the place where it all began back in June of 1986, Cherry Hill Lanes North, for the 33rd time on August 25th and 26th for our first two‐day event of the season. Mike Emke of Center Line, Michigan was the first winner and there were a number of bowlers in the field of 92 looking to add their name to the list of champions in MJMA.

Imari Blond (Flint, MI) won here at Cherry Hill North last season and she was looking to defend her U20 ladies title. Blond took the #1 seed after the eight games of qualifying to show everyone she was ready to make her claim at another title. However, seven other ladies who made match play, would have other ideas about who was going to be crowned champion this year.

After the eight games of match play, four ladies marched their way to the step ladder finals portion of the event. Blond, slipped a bit but still held on to the #3 seed and would face newcomber Tiffany Lutz (Sebewaing, MI) in the first match. Blond showed her experience as she struck early and often to open a big early lead that she would not let go of and advanced to the semi‐final match with a 186‐148 win over Lutz. Next up was three time MJMA title holder Meghan Macunovich (Canton, MI). Macunovich kept things clean all the way through the match while Blond ran into some issues with splits and Macunovich earned the win and advanced to the finals with a 196‐168 win.

Macunovich would face off against the #1 seed Makayla Lancioni (New Hudson, MI) who was in search of her first MJMA title. Lancioni had earned the top spot by only 30 ppins over Macunovich but was ready to face the mountain to earn a title. Lancioni kept filling frames through the early portion of the match while Macunovich was having some problems with early open frames. Lancioni built a big lead into the 6th frame that was more than Macunovich could over come as Lancioni won her match 215‐133 and earned her first MJMA title in the process.

The U20 boys had a dog gfight going all day on Sunday in the match play portion of the event. Bowlers were moving into and out of the top five spots for stepladders all during the competition and there were some big games that allowed some guys to move up quickly. Top qualifier from the Saturday portion, Austin Foate (Macomb, MI) was having his problems on Sunday and fell out of the top five but a couple of late big games propelled Cody Johnston (Sandusky, MI) into that top five right at the end.

Junior Team USA member, Chad Stephen (Flint, MI) led the boys into the stepladder finals with Antar Howard (Kalamazoo, MI), Justin O’Shaughnessy (Canton, MI), Zakarey Geer (Madison Hts, MI) and Johnston rounding out the top five. In match one Johnston posted his score of 191 and had to sit on the bench and see if Geer could throw the two strikes and 9 count he needed to win the match. Geer got the two strikes and just when it looked bleak for Johnston, a slightly wide shot saw a 7 count on Geer’s fill ball to give Johnston the win 191‐190.

Johnston would next face another Junior Team USA member in O’Shaughnessy in the next match. O’Shaughnessy opened with five early strikes to take a 25 pin lead through five frames but Johnston was not done yet as he struck late and often to post a 243 score. O’Shaughnessy, however, continued to throw great shots and got the strike he needed in the tenth frame to earn the win and advance 263‐243. Next up was two‐time champion Howard. This match was close all the way through but Howard left an opening with an open frame in the eighth that would allow O’Shaughnessy the chance he needed. O’Shaughnessy needed a strike in the tenth again and when he threw the first two in the tenth it ended Howard’s day with a 222‐208 win.

The finals may have been a forst in the MJMA history, I will have to look back to confirm, but it set up a match between two current Junior Team USA members for an MJMA title. Stephen and O’Shaughnessy both earned their Junior Team spots at the recently completed Junior Gold National Tournament and will be competing for he United States in youth events beginning next year. Stephen started strong after not having a good look in his warm ups, with the first four strike. O’Shaughnessy, uncharacteristically, saw three open frames in the first four to put himself in a deep hole. Stephen, however would give O’Shaughnessy some hope with a split and open from in the eighth frame but he quickly put that to rest by striking on the next four shots to with the match 235‐193 and earn his second MJMA title.

The U15 division saw the guys top four make it round robin match play with Kyle Pranger (Rockford, MI) and David Schaberg (Holt, MI) taking the top two spots to move into a championship showdown. Schaberg had a rough start with a couple of early splits but stayed clean after that and threw in a flurry of late strikes to take command of the match and win his 6th U15 MJMA title 193‐159.

The U15 ladies saw Brenna Hartzler (Smithfield, OH) take the top spot by over a 100 pin spread while Kadence Bottrall (Dorr, MI), our champion from our first event in Belleville, claimed the second spot in the finals showdown. Hartzler started the match strong with three strikes and continued to open up her lead throughout the match over Bottrall. Hartzler, in her frst finals, took control and coasted to a 219‐174 win to earn her first U15 MJMA title.

Our next event will be in Allen Park at Thunderbowl Lanes on September 15th. We expect to have another good sized field and we will also have some added scholarship money to bowl for as EFX will be sponsoring the event. Entry forms cam be found on the website at for the Saturday event that will begin at 9:00AM. Look forward to seeing everone in Allen Park.

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